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[wxsig] SOurce for 1-wire sensors these days

William Beals will at beals5.com
Mon Nov 16 04:47:39 UTC 2009


Hopefully John's suggestions will get the board up and going again.

To your original questions, AAG still does sell most of the sensors they
used to, they have augmented them with some newer ones that use an RJ-45
(8-pin) connector.  Right now it is just the wind/temperature sensor.  I've
added support for it for the T238.

I'm trying to set up a "from scratch" weather station for a non-ham friend
and do plan on getting another of the AAG sensors. The problem I'm running
in to (and maybe you too) is looking for a rain gauge.  That seems to be the
missing piece for me.  What weather metrics are you trying to get?


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Hi folks,
 	Been a while since I last saw a post on this SIG, so I thought I'd 
ask a question here.  I've been toiling with my X1W-1 board (looks like a 
bad part someplace) and got to thinking again about 1-Wire weather sesnors 
and instruments.  I mosied on over to the AAG Electronica website, and 
after going through both Firefox (and IE) I could not find some of the 
sensors that I bought a ways back.

 	So question to everyone on the SIG:  Anyone seen other places that 
sell 1-Wire weather components, compatible to not just the X1W-1 (and 
friends) but also with the T238+?



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