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[wxsig] SOurce for 1-wire sensors these days

John Bennett jabennett at insightbb.com
Tue Nov 17 00:13:38 UTC 2009

If you get the X1W-2, the PCB is already laid out for the rain gauge 
interface. You will need to get the 1-wire counter chip, an 
opto-isolator, RJ11 socket to fit the board and a few other small parts.

The RJ11 can be jumped for any gauge that uses a reed switch with a 
tipping bucket. Rainwise and Davis gauges will plug directly into it 
using the default jumpers.

The manual can be viewed on-line at http://www.tapr.org/~n4xi/x1w-2v2/

It was intended as an option to be used with the X1W-1. You had a choice 
of putting the rain gauge interface on the inside board (X1W-1) or the 
outside board (X1W-2). The board also supports the EMP sensor (X1W-4), 
but to my knowledge only my software supports it.

Scott Miller wrote:
> I've got plenty of rain gauges on hand, but not set up for 1-wire... 
> just RJ-11 termination.
> Scott
> N1VG
> dave wrote:
>> will.
>> you might try  http://www.rainwise.com/products/   they were the 
>> supplier for the aag rain gauge.
>> dave
>> Will wrote:
>>> On Sun, 15 Nov 2009, William Beals wrote:
>>>> Will:
>>>> Hopefully John's suggestions will get the board up and going again.
>>>> To your original questions, AAG still does sell most of the sensors 
>>>> they
>>>> used to, they have augmented them with some newer ones that use an 
>>>> RJ-45
>>>> (8-pin) connector.  Right now it is just the wind/temperature 
>>>> sensor.  I've
>>>> added support for it for the T238.
>>> Oh, and don't forget my previous feature request....now what was that 
>>> again?  Oh yes, the newer timing iButton.
>>>> I'm trying to set up a "from scratch" weather station for a non-ham 
>>>> friend
>>>> and do plan on getting another of the AAG sensors. The problem I'm 
>>>> running
>>>> in to (and maybe you too) is looking for a rain gauge.  That seems 
>>>> to be the
>>>> missing piece for me.  What weather metrics are you trying to get?
>>> I have all the bits except the very one you mention:  The rain 
>>> gauge.  At the time I got the v3 anenometer AAG were sold out of the 
>>> rain gauge. Close, yet so far.  I believe someone else mentioned 
>>> Hobby Boards just now...
>>>> will
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>>>> Will
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>>>> Subject: [wxsig] SOurce for 1-wire sensors these days
>>>> Hi folks,
>>>>     Been a while since I last saw a post on this SIG, so I thought I'd
>>>> ask a question here.  I've been toiling with my X1W-1 board (looks 
>>>> like a
>>>> bad part someplace) and got to thinking again about 1-Wire weather 
>>>> sesnors
>>>> and instruments.  I mosied on over to the AAG Electronica website, and
>>>> after going through both Firefox (and IE) I could not find some of the
>>>> sensors that I bought a ways back.
>>>>     So question to everyone on the SIG:  Anyone seen other places that
>>>> sell 1-Wire weather components, compatible to not just the X1W-1 (and
>>>> friends) but also with the T238+?
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Bill 
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