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[wxsig] Newbie questions...what to buy?

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Tue Nov 17 21:51:38 UTC 2009

The Argent Data Systems ADS-WS1:


(Yeah, I know the cables aren't dressed.  I did that after I took the 

The firmware is still very much under development, but I'm working right 
now on getting a small batch of complete kits ready to go for beta 
testing.  I just got half a dozen boards soldered up, less a couple of 
parts I'm out of until later in the week.

Most of the fancy features are unfinished, but as-is it'll function like 
an OpenTracker+ or Tracker2 in terms of APRS weather reporting features 
(and it's got an 8-amp relay for radio power control) and it puts out 
Peet Bros data logger format.  With no build-in battery backup in this 
version, you need to set the time with a PC and keep it powered if you 
want the time to be accurate.  That's not needed for the APRS side.

It will also do voice reporting, but a bunch of the samples are 
currently being re-recorded.

Retail price will be about $150.  Beta units will be offered at a 
discount, and hopefully very soon.


Jeremy Alexander wrote:
> Aloha to all:
> knowing zero point nothing about APRs components, I ask: What complete weather station/TNC combined product may I purchase, off of the shelf that comes turn-key ready less a radio and computer to submit into APRs in the PacNW? What to buy, who makes it?
> Mahalo, Jeremy
> www.w7eme.org
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