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[wxsig] Newbie questions...what to buy?

William Beals will at beals5.com
Fri Nov 20 03:07:23 UTC 2009


While the T238 is how I've done things, it clearly isn't turnkey!  I'm
actually working on a turnkey setup for a sister, so going through a similar
set of questions myself, but in her case there is no APRS.  She is deep in
the mountains, so her only way to get weather data out is satellite internet
access!  What I can say is the 1-wire weather instruments themselves have
turned out to be extremely reliable.  She's gone through several
off-the-shelf weather stations that have died in about a year.  Hence for
her I am working on building a PC-based system, but still using the weather
instruments from AAG (the folks referenced in the T238 home page.


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Aloha to all:

knowing zero point nothing about APRs components, I ask: What complete
weather station/TNC combined product may I purchase, off of the shelf that
comes turn-key ready less a radio and computer to submit into APRs in the
PacNW? What to buy, who makes it?

Mahalo, Jeremy

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