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[wxsig] Ds1994 issue onewire viewer shotscreens

Pedro Motilla pedrolo2 at pedrolo.com
Thu Aug 12 20:29:23 UTC 2010

Hi will, nice to hear from you. 

Hope your basement works are going on good track.

Well i can not explain what is going on:

Software is discarded as it is 1.16.1 Version, so it is pretty new.

Contact with the can, i used a wooden clip to hold the wires, now I
holded it on my hand making pressure with fingers.

I measured voltage and it shows 4.95 Volts. so it sounds ok.

Just in case I had changed polarity, I reversed the can, and the station
shows a mistake "1-wire device error or short to ground" (maybe not
exactly this but, quite similar.

So the only thing i can think is a defective can. But, in that case, why
it "looks like" it work on computer program???

Maybe I order a new DS1904 part...

Could the ds1994 use a internal battery for any purpose? could this
battery be runned out??

I do not understand. Thanks for answering Will.

Best regards.


El vie, 06-08-2010 a las 21:11 -0600, William Beals escribió:
> Pedro:
> As you can tell, catching up!
> The screen shots for the DS1994 all look OK, so it very much looks like the DS1994 itself is OK.  I double-checked the datasheet for the DS1994 and the can and flange (the part without the etching) is ground and the part with the part numbers and such is the signal part, so you do have it wired up correctly.  A simple check to ensure all is OK is put a voltmeter on the can when you have it connected.  You should see something pretty close to +5V on the printed part since the communications are narrow pulses.
> Are you sure you are making good contact with the can.  It is stainless steel so the can had better not corrode, but not sure about what connection methods you are using.
> Final question, what revision software are you using?  DS1994 support was added in Rev 1.10.0, so quite a while ago.
> will
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> I have updated software, checked wiring, contacts... so the only thing i think is a 1994 defective part?
> I enclose the shotscreen from onewire viewer, just in case anybody can check his own 1994 and see if there is any difference, which could explain why it does not comunicate.
> Thanks.
> Pedro.
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