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[wxsig] Ability to add status text or comments?

William Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Aug 19 00:52:32 UTC 2010


The T238 does make use of that comment field for debug purposes.  On a
periodic basis it transmits out a bunch of debug counters.  When you said
you were having some issues, I looked you up on findu
(http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/wxpage.cgi?call=KE6ROS-2) and then selected
the "raw weather data" link and was able to see that debug information.

As I have been debugging some really squirrely problems, I have added code
to put out special debug messages whenever I see something that looks out of
the ordinary.  I'm a bit rusty, but I know one such trigger is a wind gust
of greater than 25MPH.  I was chasing a problem where these were happening
erroneously and I added debug data to help isolate the problem.

The only other thing I do is at every power-up I also have a dedicated
message that just broadcasts the T238 revision number.

Right now I don't have any way for you to put in special messages of your
own.  It would be a pain to enter (only 4 buttons) and after several
discussions with Mr. Bruninga, he very much encourages minimal extra


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I suppose it's inevitable that once I have my weather station up and
running, I start to think other things I would like to do.  I've seen other
APRS weather stations include information in the comment string, after the
observation string.  I can see a few situations where this might be
interesting, to make special observations, indicate equipment problems, or
the URL of a web cam, for example.  Has this possibility ever been
considered for the T238+?



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