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[wxsig] Family Codes

Pedro Motilla pedrolo2 at pedrolo.com
Sun Nov 14 07:36:38 UTC 2010

Family codes for 1-wire devices:

DS18B20 - 10 (temp. Sensor)
DS2423 - 1D (counter: wind speed, and rain)
DS2420 / DS2450 - 20 (Wind direction)
DS2438 - 26 (Humidity, Pressure), LOOK OUT if you buy ebay items. just
confirm that are no clones, as far as Family code will be different and
t238 will not understand.

To play with ds2438 i have build an adaptator from soic08 to protoboard,
it's a nice way to play with this IC.

Just in case somebody wants to play:


(it is in spanish, but pictures are self-explain and at the end you have
a link to download the pcb, in pdf format)

You can play with ds2438, not just for weather reasons, but with battery




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