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[wxsig] Family Codes and ds2438

Pedro Motilla pedrolo2 at pedrolo.com
Wed Nov 17 21:42:36 UTC 2010

Hi Will:

I tried to solve by myself the problem with ds2438's clone.

What i have done:

1- downloaded all code from your website.
2- downloaded casm08z.exe from pemicro
3- I walked trhough the code, and found 2 files with related entries to
family code 26:
	wx08.asm, and humid.asm
4- Change any prefix 26 into A6
5- compile the code
6- upload to the 238+ with mon08 program.

When done, t238+ works, so compile process went good, (it did not give
any bad message), but humidity keeps on not being showed on the screen.

What i am doing bad?

Did I miss any other place to tune?

Is this process right?

Thanks in advance.


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