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[wxsig] Customization T238+ code

Pedro Motilla pedrolo2 at pedrolo.com
Sun Nov 28 10:50:37 UTC 2010

As far as maybe I am not the only one, who have problems with family
codes, and T238+ is a fun project (does not matter it is getting old),
and we can still have much fun with it, i have translated into english a
tutorial for customize your t238's code.

I am explaining how to get support for a non standard family code for
ds2438), but the process is general and can be followed in order to
customize your weather station... and to learn a lot.


You have nothing to loose as far as in the worst case, you can restore
the t238+ code to its original, uploading the .s19 software from Will's

Just a way to play and have fun with our T238+ station.


EA5BFT "Pedrolo"

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