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[wxsig] 1.16.1 Firmware

William Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Sep 9 02:33:10 UTC 2010


I do remember the BP issue.  I went back and looked at the release notes on
the website and the 1.16.0 release has a fix for it, so that fix is on a
newer rev of software than you are running.

The T238 does re-read the clock at midnight.  That feature was added in Rev
1.14.1 and turned out to have a bug in it that took forever to isolate, but
was fixed in the 1.15.x series.  So, your Rev 1.15.8 should be OK.  You can
remove the DS1994, check it on your computer and then put it back in again
without having to restart the T238. Except for initial power up, I only look
for it at local midnight.


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Hi Will,

A couple of questions.
Some months (a year or two...) there were discussions about the APRS
barometer value incrementing by full mb amounts instead tenth of
mb values as the pressure increased or decreased. I never heard if the issue
was corrected. I'm still running 1.15.8R firmware. Does 1.16.1 address

Also I have noticed that my clock has become 40 or so minutes slow. I have
a DS1994 installed but the weather station is well backed up with UPS and
battery and does not reboot often (many months between reboots). I don't
like to reboot it because rain accumulation data is lost and don't seem to
remember to do it on the first of the month. Question is does the code read
the DS1994 daily or only on reboot. DS1994 has not been pulled and checked
stand alone for some long time.

Ken, n5kuk (reports as n5kuk on APRS)

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