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[wxsig] DS1904 question

will at beals5.com will at beals5.com
Mon Sep 13 04:28:05 UTC 2010


   The device I have used is what they call the "Blue Dot receptor".  The
   basic reader that I use for both my weather station and PC is part
   number DS-1402D-DR8+.  This is just the reader hardware and a telephone
   connnector on the other end.  That telephone connector is compatible
   with the T238(+) and the various PC interfaces they offer.  As to your
   PC interface, I started back in the olden days (!) when RS-232 was
   still popular and got a DS9097U.  When I quite getting PCs with serial
   ports, I got a USB to RS-232 adapter and with some fiddling got it to
   work the 9097U.  If buying something new today, I'd suggest the DS9490R
   which looks to be the USB equivilent of the DS9097U.  If you don't
   need/want the Blue Dot receptor, then the DS9490B looks pretty


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   Subject: [wxsig] DS1904 question
   From: "Ted11" <[1]tedlists at hullar.com>
   Date: Sun, September 12, 2010 6:30 pm
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   I would like to add a DS1904 to my T238. I'm a little confused,
   however, by
   all the different ways Maxim gives you to interface the iButton. All I
   to do is use my computer to program the DS1904 with the correct time
   connect it to the T238. I think I understand the T238 side, I just
   it to a 1-wire jack. However, the connection to the computer is more
   daunting. Can someone tell me the cheapest route to do this?
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