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[wxsig] T-238+ APRS Weather Station For-sale

Ron ron at huisinga.org
Wed Jul 13 15:21:28 UTC 2011

For-sale  a complete T-238+  Weather Station which includes the following

T238+ Modem 
N4XI X1W-1  indoor Sensor & main interface board
N4XI X1W-2  Outdoor humidity & temperature sensor 
N4XI X1W-4  EMP sensor
AAG 1-Wire Weather Instrument v3.0
Davis Rain Collector II  #7582 
Includes assembly &  user manuals, CD of software & doc's 
Was all assembled and bench tested and packed away for use at a remote site,
which I never got around too. Also includes short patch cables. Which I have
left attached for your reference All items are just as new as the day there
where purchased. 
Has Dallas DS1994 1-wire button installed for date & time .
Additional documentation and flex tube for calibration of the barometric
Includes  a partial spool of RJ-11 wire & RJ-11 ends.

T-238+ has the most current firmware installed so you don't need to mess
with that at all.

This station is a complete setup  with all accessories!!
Built and ready to go!! You just provide enclosures, cables & power as you
see fit for your site
Here's a link to the pic's of the system & components 
Please feel free to ask or email me any questions  off-list  to:  ron at
huisinga dot org

Asking $220.00 for complete system includes shipping,  to the CONUS  only.

Thank you for looking

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