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[wxsig] Another DS1904 question

Michael Seibel m.seibel at verizon.net
Tue Oct 2 22:56:00 UTC 2012

John - I am heavily involved with the county for the next 48 hours - I will
respond when I get back. I do not want to give wrong information, need my
Mike Seibel 

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Subject: [wxsig] Another DS1904 question

Sorry if this has been asked before but as my DS1994 has "expired" does 
the 1.16.1R firmware
support the DS1904 "Time in a can"  iButton?

Looking at the "timelog.asm" code I can see where it searches for the 
DS1994 family code "$04" (04 hex)
but according to Maxim's datasheet on the DS1904:
the DS1904 family code is 24h (24hex).

Do I need to "fix" the family code and re-compile to support the DS1904?

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