[wxsig] How to make T238+ re-run sensor setup

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sun Jun 16 11:34:46 CDT 2013


At least in theory, the T238 shouldn't hang.  There may be some reason why
though.  Something good to check in case it is something simple is the state
of the 1-wire bus.  This can be done with a volt meter.  Is it close to +5V?
What I am wondering it may be is a sensor that is backwards and getting the
1-wire bus into an undefined state.  In parallel I'll go look at the code
and see if there is a way to get rid of old settings.  I don't recall, but
there may be.


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 	I have two of these devices (I love them BTW, too bad there aren't
any more) and they work well.  Recently, I had to replace a whole bunch of
temp sensors.  Upon plugging into the bus and powering-on the T238+, it
seems to hang.  I'm suspecting it might be choking on the new sensors being
new and not finding the old ones.  Is there a way to have the T238+ clear
its memory of the old serial numbers from the old sensors?  That is, wipe


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