[wxsig] T238+ temp sensor problem

John Yost k3yjp at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 29 12:33:34 CDT 2014

Thanks for checking Will.

I removed and reinserted the 32MHz osc, had replaced it early on and put new one in socket, and now all seems to be working as advertised.

The X1W-2 board is in pretty bad shape after all the soldering and re-soldering.  Does any one know of a decent replace module for it, temp and humidity?


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That is a weird one.  I went back and looked at the code and there is
explicit support for both the 1820 and 18S20, but no 18B20.  In looking at
the 18B20 datasheet,  it has a different family ID (0x28 vs 0x10), so the
T238 will not recognize it unfortunately.

As to why the 18S20 is not recognized when everything else works fine, that
is a head-scratcher.  My only theory I can offer is wiring issues (sure you
checked this twice!) or something really weird like not quite enough voltage
on the line--good enough for other sensors but no the 18S20.  Easy thing to
check is having a solid +5V going to the sensors power pin.


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Have had the T238+ running for a long time.  All of a sudden it stopped
reading temperature from the X1W-2 module(temp & RH).

Module looks good, diodes checked ok.

connected a ds18b20 directly to the T238 and it did not read it there

Knowing that the ds18b20 is different from ds18s20, I ordered some fresh
ds18s20 units.
They don't read either.

Reinstalled the firmware, no help.  forced initalize of sensors, no help.

Wierd, it read wind speed/direct, barometric pressure and the clock.

Any suggestions?

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