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Looking for Info about Wolcott World War I Veterans

Francis Hollingsworth Smith and Irving E. Andrews

April 6, 2017 marked one hundred years since the United States entered World War I. Wolcott had twenty-eight men and one woman who served in that war. I am looking for pictures and information on these veterans: Charles P. Browne, Donald C. Browne, George Eldred Browne, Arthur Boulanger, Bennie F. Cowles, Louis Wilson Cowles, Clifford Garthwaite, Herbert Garthwaite, William H. Garthwaite, Francis Rollins Howell, Albert Homewood, Harold Hurlbert, Chester Judd, Joseph Kane, Paul. Manwaring, Manville Norton, Victor Parent, Louis Francis Reigner Jr., Arthur Roberts, Forest H. Rogers, William A. Smith, Charles Theriault, Benton L. Washburn, James W. Warner, Isabelle Wilson (nurse), and Raymond Wilson. I have pictures and information on the two soldiers above.

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