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TPRS Digital Forum - HamCom 1998

Couldn't attend the TPRS Digital Forum held at the 1998 HamCom ?

Here is your opportunity using RealAudio to listen in to the Friday forum.

See pictures from the HamCom '98 Digital Activities

Listen to entire TPRS Digital Symposium

Web Pages used as overheads

TAPR GPS Projects Update

Greg Jones, WD5IVD
TAPR GPS Projects Update Overheads (170K)

The Future of Digital Communications

Greg Jones, WD5IVD
The Future of Digital Communications (31K)

Introduction to Spread Spectrum

Greg Jones, WD5IVD
Web Pages used as overheads
Interium comments
Greg Jones, WD5IVD

Technical Review of TAPR 900Mhz SS Radio Project

Tom McDermott, N5EG

TPRS Annual Membership Meeting

Tom McDermott, N5EG President


Mike Heskett, WB5QLD
APRS Overheads (110K)

LINUX and Ham Radio and the TAPR SS Radio

Bill Reed, WD0ETZ
LINUX and Ham Radio and the TAPR SS Radio Overheads (19K)

TexNet and the Internet / Weather

Bob Morgan, WB5AOH
TexNet and the Internet / Weather Overheads (44K)

TexNet Update

Harry Ridenou, N0CCW

BBS Update

Hoss Karimi, WA5ZAI


Hoss Karimi, WA5ZAI and Dave Wolf, WO5H at the TAPR Booth

Hoss Karimi, WA5ZAI and Dave Wolf, WO5H (standing) with Joe Borovetz, WA5VMS, and Bob Morgan, WB5AOH (sitting) at the TAPR Booth

Some of the people attending the TPRS Digital Forum

Harry Ridenour, N0CCW, TexNet Network Manager

Tom McDermott, N5EG giving a talk on the TAPR 900MHz Spread Spectrum Radio project during the TPRS Digital Forum. The 900Mhz antenna behind Tom was used during the forum to provide a Spread Spectrum Internet link back to the hotel using a TALNET router/radio pair.

Tom McDermott, N5EG presents Bob Morgan, WB5AOH with a plaque for outstanding work.

Outstanding Achievement Award
TPRS expresses its gratitude to Robert Morgan, WB5AOH, in recognition of outstanding technical contributions to the Texas Packet Radio Society. Your dedication, effort and perseverance, including TexNet code, node, and Internet developments have been instrumental to the goals and furtherance of the society.

June 6, 1998
Arlington, Texas

TalNet Router (left with case open) with a Cylink 900Mhz Spread Spectrum radio (right). The radio provided a connection from 9th floor of hotel next to the convention down to the forum room under TAPR's SS STA. The link provided a 169Kbps Internet connection between the room and the forum. Greg Jones, WD5IVD, used this connection for all his presentations. The box sitting in front of the router/radio is a ethernet hub connecting the router to the G3 Macintosh Server.

Another photo of the TALNET router/radio showing the high-tech mount for one of Bob Morgan's, WB5AOH, 900Mhz antenna. The lamp shade provided a good platform for down pointing into the convention building.

Jim Neely, WA5LHS, presenting during the TPRS Digital Forum.

Mike Hesket, WB5QLD, who presented on APRS during the forum seen here at the TPRS booth.

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