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TAPR Digital Forum at Dayton Hamvention 1999

This page under reconstrution. All RA links are broken.

Welcome to the TAPR Digital Forum -- Click here and listen.

Couldn't attend the TAPR Digital Forum held at the 1999 Dayton Hamvention? Well - here is your opportunity to listen in to the Friday forum.

Listen to entire TAPR Digital Forum

TAPR Friday Night Banquet

The 1999 "Packet BASH" co-sponsored by TAPR and the Miami Valley FM Association, Dayton's packet radio club, was a big success!

If you couldn't attend this year, then be sure to attend in 2000! The location, NCR "Sugarcamp" Conference Center, was prefect for our event, with lots of good food, people, and conversations.

If you couldn't attend, we are making Dave Pedersen, N7BHC, talk on "A Little Technology Goes a Long Way" available via RealAudio. Have a listen and enjoy!

A Little Technology Goes a Long Way

Dave Pedersen, N7BHC
May 14th, 1999

Steve Bible, N7HPR, shows off the prototype PIC tracker.

Hiro shows off the new PRUG 2.4G Wireless Radio which is housed inside a cable line enclosure. Very cool. He reported that some 12 sets were in use currently in PRUG during their tests.

Jody Ackermann and Dorothy Jones, KA5DWR (TAPR Office Manager) at the TAPR booth.

Dorothy Jones, KA5DWR (TAPR Office Manager) sitting at the TAPR booth.

John Ackermann, N8UR, speaking on Linux during the TAPR Digital Forum. The forum was very well attended this year.

Mike Musick showing off the PocketAPRS running on a PalmPilot III.

Tom McDermott, N5EG and Bob Hansen, N2GDE at the TAPR booth.

Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU, speaking on APRS during the TAPR Digital Forum.

Steve Bible, N7HPR and Doug McKinney, KC3RL.

Steve Bible, N7HPR and Steve Dimse, K4HG putting together PIC-E kits just before the TAPR booth opens on Friday.

Tom McDermott, N5EG, Joe Borovetz, WA5VMS and Bob Donnel, KD7NM

John Koster, W9DDD, speaking about the CompactFlash Card during the TAPR Digital Forum.

APRS Working Group right after the signing of the formation document.

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