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TPRS Fall Digital Symposium 1998

Couldn't attend the TPRS Fall Digital Symposium held in December 1998 ?

Here is your opportunity using RealAudio to listen in to the Saturday conference.

See pictures from the '98 Digital Symposium

Listen to entire TPRS Digital Symposium

Linux systems

Stu Green
  • Setting up Linux as a gateway router.
  • How to setup routing tables, default routes, etc.
  • Static vs. dynamic addresses, class-c addresses, etc.
  • Tunnels - what they do, how to set one up.
  • Proxies / IP address masquerading
  • Slip and PPP on serial interfaces
  • Ethernet interfaces

TAPR FlashCard OS Project

Greg Jones, WD5IVD in for John Koster, W9DDD
Visit the TAPR Flash Card Page

TAPR FHSS Radio Design Status Update

Tom McDermott, N5EG
Overheads (484K)

ISP interconnection project

Joe Borovetz, WA5VMS
Overheads (258K)

TexNet - AX.25 tunneling

Bob Morgan, WB5AOH

TexNet - APRS capability

Bob Morgan, WB5AOH

Texnet Network and Status Update

Harry Ridenour, N0CCW

APRS Update

Mike Heskett, WB5QLD
Overheads (540K)

Harry Ridenour, N0CCW, TexNet Network Manager

The meeting during one of the breaks.

Tom McDermott, N5EG giving a talk on the TAPR 900MHz Spread Spectrum Radio project.

Jim Neely, WA5LHS talking to Zeke and Ken.


Ken Harkness

A group of participants meet at the chalkboard after one discussion.


Joe Borovetz, WA5VMS talking about his Spread Spectrum network installation.

Mike Hesket, WB5QLD, who presented on APRS during the forum seen here at the TPRS booth.

Bob Morgan, WB5AOH discussed both TexNet AXIP and APRS TexNet developments.

Milton Miller, WB5TKF

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