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What is it? Or more importantly who is it? It is a group of amateurs who are contributing their efforts without strings attached to develop practical state of the art radio equipment. There's no formal organization. There is a website and mailing list which allows collaboration.

More information is available at the website.

HPSDR projects available from TAPR

TAPR produces hardware for various HPSDR projects. Whether a HPSDR project is produced by TAPR is determined by the project team. Production by TAPR has been a one time production run with the quantity determined by the interest shown by the HPSDR community. Other entities are producing additional boards where the TAPR production run has sold out. If that is the case, it will be indicated on the page for that individual project.

Below is a list of the boards TAPR has produced so far.

Alex Bandpass filters ... Read more.
Atlas Backplane ... Read more.
Excalibur Reference Oscillator ... Read more.
Janus Audio Converter ... Read more.
LPU Power Supply ... Read more.
Magister USB Interface ... Read more.
Mercury RX Module ... Read more.
Metis Ethernet Interface ... Read more.
Pandora Enclosure ... Read more.
PennyLane TX Module ... Read more.
PennyWhistle PA ... Read more.
Pinocchio Extender Board ... Read more.

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