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Ham Radio and More

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Ham Radio and More off the Air.

The Ham Radio & More Show premiered in April, 1991. The show originated in the studios of KFNN, AM1510, in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona through June 8, 1997. Late in 1997, it originated at Len Winkler, KB7LPW's, office. It was the ONLY weekly radio show devoted to amateur radio on the commercial bands. Each week brought guests, listener call-ins, news, prize give-a-ways and more.

Len's last show was October 26, 1997. As Len stated 'it was a nice run since 1991. It's too bad that the industry, (other than ken nichols wa7hxz, Amateur Radio Trader Magazine, MFJ Enterprises, and the listeners), didn't support it. All my thanks go out to the many people that helped keep Ham Radio & More on the air for the length of time it did. I apologize in advance for the names I leave out now...

Ned Stearns, AA7A, Lee Finkel, KY7M, Nick Suess, W7ZMD, KFNN Radio AM1510, Ron Cohen, Sinclair Noe, Ken Nichols, WA7HXZ, Karen Winkler, WWCR Radio, Adam Locke, Bill Pasternak WA6ITF, TAPR, Greg Jones WD5IVD, Ed Hare W1RFI, John Moore NJ7E, Randy Starace KE7TV, Barney Fagan KB7KOE, Lauri Winkler N7UKZ, Nancy Kott (FISTS), Paul Schleck KD3FU, all my guests, listeners, and callers, MFJ Enterprises, Martin F. Jue K5FLU, Amateur Radio Trader, Nick Smith, Bruce Diamond WD9DBL, and 100's more!

Len Winkler, KB7LPW (lenwink@goodnet.com)

Welcome message from Len

Ham Radio and More Theme

TAPR would like to thank Len and the Ham Radio and More show for allowing TAPR to make these shows available on the TAPR Web page for your enjoyment!

This page is provided for the amateur community by TAPR.

Check out the TAPR page that has past HRM shows focusing on Digital Topics.

Special Digital Topics

Show 3/30/97
Guest: Steve Bible, N7HPR, Board Member TAPR
Topic: Spread Spectrum Communications

National Hour

Show 5/26/96
Guest: Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP, CEO Warp Speed Imagineering
Topic: Spread Spectrum Communications

National Hour | Local Hour

Show 4/15/96
Guest: Phil Sussman, KB8LUJ, Editor of PACTOR News

National Hour

Show 1/21/96
Guest: Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, Author of APRS

National Hour

Show 8/13/95
Guest: Greg Jones, WD5IVD, President TAPR

National Hour | Local Hour

Show 8/2/95
Guest: Dan Meredith, N7MRP (Packet, the Internet, and more!)

National Hour

Show 11/27/94
Guest: Phil Karn, KA9Q (TCP/IP and Spread Spectrum)

National Hour

Show 5/15/94
Guest: Dick Daniels, W4PUJ (Phase 3D and AMSAT)

National Hour

Show 2/20/94
Guest: Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD (Packet Radio)

National Hour

Show 10/24/93
Guest: Lew McFadin, W5DID (SAREX Project)

National Hour

Show 6/13/93
Guest: Jack Tiley, N7RWJ (Spread Spectrum Communications)

National Hour

Show 4/18/93
Guest: Brian Kassel, W5VBO (HF Digital and AMTOR)

National Hour

Show 3/28/93
Guest: Senator Barry Goldwater

1st Hour | 2nd Hour

Show 7/12/92
Guest: Lyle Johnson, WA7GXD (History of Packet Radio and TAPR)

National Hour


Show 10/26/97
Guest: Ned Stearns, AA7A
Topic: Final show....Editorials, opinions, thank you's, and listener phone calls.

Listen to 10/26/97 Show

Show 10/19/97
Guest: Phil Anderson, W0XI
Topic: Crystal Radio Society and building projects.

Listen to 10/19/97 Show

Show 10/12/97
Guest: Martin F. Jue, K5FLU, President & Founder of MFJ Enterprises, Inc.
Topic: An in-depth interview of Mr. Jue and celebrating 25 years in business for MFJ Enterprises.

Listen to 10/12/97 Show

Show 10/05/97
Guest: Ned Stearns, AA7A
Topic: RagChew Open Lines with the Professor Ned Stearns, AA7A. Discussing various topics from antennas in the lake to displays relayed to the retina of the eye!

Listen to 10/05/97 Show

Show 9/28/97
Guest: Ken Collier, KO6UX
Topic: Emergency communications, REACT.

Listen to 9/28/97 Show

Show 9/14/97
Guest: Ed Hare, W1RFI
Topic: Discussed the upcoming new RF Exposure rules, how it affects hams, and what hams need to do to comply.

Listen to 9/14/97 Show

Show 9/7/97
Guest: Ned Stearns, AA7A
Topic: RagChew Open Lines with "the Professor" Ned Stearns, AA7A. We discussed in great detail receivers and what makes them good or bad, features to look for, and why they range so much in price.

Listen to 9/7/97 Show

Show 8/31/97
Guest: Bill Pasternak, WA6ITF
Topic: Editor of Newsline

Listen to 8/31/97 Show

Show 8/24/97
Guest: Dewayne Hendricks, WA8DZP
Topic: Amateur Radio Spectrum Issues

Listen to 8/24/97 Show

Show 8/17/97
Guest: Guest Jim Carson, WK2K
Topic: Candidate for Atlantic Division ARRL Director.

Listen to 8/17/97 Show

Show 8/10/97
Guest: Randy Starace, KE7TV,
Topic: Randy an electronics technician, answered callers questions regarding how to fix transceivers, receivers, CW on a TS50, and more.

Listen to 8/10/97 Show

Show 8/3/97
Topic: RagChew Open Lines....featuring callers discussing the morse code requirement, the new FCC phone number, renewing licenses, status of bands being assulted by Leos, the new 2 hour Dayton Open Forum video, and much more.

Listen to 8/3/97 Show

Show 7/27/97
Guest: Tom Gibson, WA3HWY
Topic: Tom discusses Camp Shohola's Amateur Radio Club, the Internet's effect on amateur radio, current education in the US, and more. (even has comments regarding the Morse Code requirement's effect on young hams)

Listen to 7/27/97 Show

Show 7/20/97
Guest: Will Andersen, AA6DD
Topic: Discussing 6 meter operations.

Listen to 7/20/97 Show

Show 7/13/97
Guest: Ned Stearns, AA7A
Topic: An interview of Ned "the Professor" Stearns, AA7A. Discusses his entry in radio, vintage rigs, winning sweepstakes contests, and how amateur radio really helped his career.

Listen to 7/13/97 Show

Show 7/6/97
Guest: Ned Stearns, AA7A
Topic: Ragchew Open Lines With Ned "the Professor" Stearns, AA7A....discusses WWV, Vanity Gate 3, and more.

Listen to 7/6/97 Show

Show 6/29/97
Guest: Dr. Paul Shuch, N6TX, Director of the SETI League,
Topic: The amateur operator's search for extra terrestrial intelligence. Include 3 SETI songs performed live!

Listen to 6/29/97 Show
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