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TAPR and the HPSDR group are working together to bring an open SDR platform to Amateur Radio.

20M WSPR Pi Module

This little board makes a 20 meter QRP transmitter out of a Raspberry Pi credit card size computer. There are apps for the transmission of WSPR, PiCW, SSTV and FREQ_PI.

TADD-2 Mini (T2-Mini) The TADD-2 Mini (or "T2-Mini") is a tiny frequency divider board that accepts a 1, 2.5, 5 or 10 MHz input signal and generates a 1 pulse-per-second ("PPS") output pulse. The pulse can be synchronized to an external source (such as a GPS receiver). The divider is implemented in a DIP-socketed PIC chip using software written by Tom Van Baak. ... Read more

N4XI X1W-4 Kit The EMP sensor kit was developed as a cost effective alternative to more expensive lightning detectors on the market. . Compared with commercial sensors, this unit is more sensitive, and allows repairs using readily available parts. Designed to be used with the X1W-1 or X1W-2 EMP interface, the output is fed to a simple 1-Wire counter which is then read by the system periodically. . ... Read more

Atlas Backplane The Atlas back plane is the foundation for the HPSDR radio system. Read more

Compact Flash Adapter An updated interface board has been developed which allows CompactFlash cards (Type I & II) or a IBM Microdrive™ to be used as a boot devices on a PC. It takes advantage of the "true IDE" mode of a CompactFlash™ Card that allows it to operate as a true IDE hard disk drive. The original CompactFlash Adapter (Type I) was developed in 1997 to fill a need for a rugged boot disk, that networkers could use to run NOS or some other network node software... Read more

DTMF Accessory Squelch The DAS (DTMF Accessory Squelch) acts like a switch connected in series between the speaker output of your VHF or UHF transceiver and an external speaker. DAS will monitor a radio channel for you, with the speaker switch open so the speaker remains silent, until someone sends one of the DTMF sequences you have selected. When DAS hears your personal Touch-Tone ID sequence on the radio channel it will light a LED, sound an buzzer and close the series speaker switch so that you can hear the audio of the calling station... Read more

TNC-2 DCD Upgrades Proper operation of Data Carrier Detect (DCD) is imperative for efficient sharing of a packet channel. Many TNC's don't provide optimum DCD operation, and version 2.0 of the AX.25 Level 2 protocol compounds the problem. However, an inexpensive solution is now available to combat the former case and progress is being made in the latter case with proposed changes to AX.25 Level 2 Version 2.1. The TAPR DCD kits were designed to make it a trivial matter to upgrade most TNCs to improved DCD operation with the addition of a simple board. These mods are extremely useful for both VHF and HF operations... Read more

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