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CT1DMK Reflock II

This product is no longer available.

The CT1DMK Reflock II is a universal synthesizer that can lock an oscillator at virtually any frequency up to 250MHz (1.1 GHz with a prescaler option) to a frequency standard (commonly 10 MHz) or to a 1 PPS signal from a GPS receiver. It is primarily designed for hams to use as a way to stabilize the local oscillator of a microwave transverter, but there are obviously lots of other interesting possibilities.

The design incorporates the latest CPLD from Altera. The size of CPLD used in the Reflock-II allows for an enhanced resolution 1 PPS circuit plus capability of connecting to a microcontroller and things like lock detection and full numeric loop performance monitoring being possible.

Bare PCB

A quality printed circuit board only, no parts included.

Ordering Information

Sorry, Reflock II - PCB Only is no longer available

Kit of Parts with the CPLD soldered to the PCB

All parts included except for the pre-scaler option.

Ordering Information

Sorry, Reflock II - Kit is no longer available

Assembly and Operations Manual

Manuals are being written.


The TAPR Reflock II Kit was made possible by the efforts of:

Luis Cupido, CT1DMK - Conceptual Design
Steve Bible, N7HPR - Project Manager and PCB Design
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