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TADD Enclosure

The TADD Enclosure is an attractive metal case designed to hold any of the TAPR TADD series projects. The six BNC outputs are on the front panel, while the rear panel provides for one or two BNC inputs, up to two DB-9 connectors, and a 3/8 inch hole for DC power input. The case is in two pieces for easy assembly.

For a larger picture of the enclosure, click on the small picture to the right.


TADD kits that fit in the TADD-Enclosure ... TADD-1. ... TADD-2. ... TADD-3. ...

Ordering Information

The price for the TADD Enclosure is:

  • $ 41 US for members of TAPR

  • $ 45 US for non-members

    + shipping/handling if applicable.
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A note regarding email addresses: When checking out please use an email adress other than @earthlink.net, @hotmail.com, @live.com, @msn.com, @outlook.com. For some reason these domains reject email from tapr.org

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and Handling within the US will be by USPS Priority Mail.

International shipping costs are calculated as closely as possible. If the actual cost exceeds the estimate by more than $10.00, TAPR will contact you to get approval for the additional funds. TAPR uses insured Priority Mail International, unless the purchaser requires something else.

More Pictures

Front View Rear View


TAPR kits can be complex depending on the kitting experience of each builder. We don't think you will have trouble with the kit, but it does require some knowledge and experience to successfully go from a kit to a finished, usable unit, depending on the mode of operations.


The TAPR TADD Enclosure was made possible by the efforts of:

John Ackermann, N8UR – Designer and Project Manager

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