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TAPR Vector Network Analyzer

The TAPR Vector Network Analyzer is a low-cost Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) that operates from 200 kHz to 100 MHz, and connects to a personal computer using a USB 1.1 interface. 

The VNA is one of the more useful pieces of test equipment for designers and experimenters. It can measure the forward and reverse gain and phase response of a circuit, and the input and output reflection properties (complex impedance). The VNA is used to measure and adjust filters, coaxial cables, amplifiers, antenna input impedance vs. frequency, just to name a few.

QEX July/August 2004 The July/August 2004 QEX article discusses the design of the measurement hardware, control processor software on the instrument itself, and the software on a personal computer that controls and displays the measurements.


Due to some critical components having been discontinued, the VNA is no longer available.

Bare PCB Ordering Information

You may purchase a bare PCB. However, please bear in mind that these boards have been opitimized for automated production. Also there is no support provided by either Ten-Tec or TAPR for purchasers of the bare PCB.


Some of the parts for the VNA have been discontinued. Please check that you can find all the parts before ordering the PCB. TAPR is not able to provide parts!

Ordering Information

Sorry, VNA PCB is no longer available

Documentation and Software

The documentation and software can be found online.


A presentation on the TAPR VNA was given at the 23rd Annual ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference in Des Moines, Iowa, September 10-12, 2004. Read 2004 Digital Communications Conference page.


The TAPR VNA was made possible by the efforts of:
Tom McDermott, N5EG
Karl Ireland
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