Connector Installation
1-Wire Indoor Sensor/Interface Kit

Refer to the layout diagram for clarification of parts placement. All references to up, down, left, and right assume that you are looking at the PCB with the silkscreen TAPR logo oriented up on the board. Unless noted otherwise, all components are mounted flush on top of the PC board.

Miscellaneous Connectors

With the exception of the DE9F connector, it is advisable to only solder one terminal of the connector and then check physical alignment. There is sufficient play in the hole size that the connector may not align correctly with the edge of the board. If the connector needs to be moved, reheat the pin and re-align. Only then solder the remaining terminals.

  DC Power Jack at J6. Warning! You will probably have to hold the connector in place while soldering the terminals on the bottom of the board. The exposed metal parts can get very hot during the soldering operation. Use some sort of insulation between your fingers and the jack while soldering.
  DE9F PC female connector at J3. Mount this as you did the IC sockets to insure the socket is fully seated against the PC board.
Note! - Perform the following step only if you purchased the iButton and iButton clip from Maxim or some other distributor.
  iButton clip at center of board. Align the iButton clip with the silkscreen outline on the PC Board. As with all other components of this type, solder one pin and check the alignment and seating of the clip against the board before soldering the remaining pin.

RJ-11 Jacks

In the following, gently rock the RJ-11 connector until it snaps into place. Take your time and be careful. Solder the leads only after you have checked that the socket is correctly seated and none of the pins are bent under.

  RJ11 6-4p female jack at J4
  RJ11 6-4p female jack at J5