1-Wire Indoor Sensor/Interface Kit

Be aware that telephone cables sold at Radio Shack and other outlets are not compatible with the 1-Wire® bus as wired on the T238/T238+, X1W-1 and X1W-2 kits. Most telco cables flip-flop the leads connected to the modular plugs. The bus as wired in these kits (and also in the original Dallas Semiconductor weather station as well as AAG) requires a straight-through cable. Crimping tools, modular plugs and cable are readily available at most electronic supply outlets at a reasonable price.

There are two independent grounds on the PC board. The mounting post beside the DC power jack is connected to board ground. The mounting hole beside the RCA phono jack is an isolated earth ground. If at all possible, these two should not be connected together as it would bypass the protection offered by the opto-isolators. See the picture for exact locations.

There is no calibration procedure for the remaining sensors. They are calibrated by the manufacturer and will perform as expected with the software.