Trimpot Installation
1-Wire Indoor Sensor/Interface Kit

Refer to the layout diagram for clarification of parts placement. All references to up, down, left, and right assume that you are looking at the PCB with the silkscreen TAPR logo oriented up on the board. Unless noted otherwise, all components are mounted on the top of the PC board.

The trimpots in the kit use a tripod footprint. They can only be installed one way. The body of the trimpot must be flush with the board. When installing, solder one lead and check to see if the body is flush. It would be best to apply slight pressure to the top of the trimpot and then reheat the connection. If it is not flush, you will hear feel it snap on the PC board. When you are satisfied that the trimpot is flush on the board, solder the remaining two pins. Finally re-flow the first pin soldered. Trim the excess length when done.

Be careful to use the correct trimpot where called for. The part numbers are very similar (202 is the 2K, 203 is the 20K).

  2K (202) trimpot at R9
  20K (203) trimpot at R13