System Configuration Options
1-Wire Indoor Sensor/Interface Kit

T-238 Example Option 1
T-238 Example Option 2
WXN Example Option 2
WXN Example Option 3

WXN: Example Option 1

The boards are also compatible with the WXN Server Suite. The use of the 1-Wire devices allows expanding and adding sensors to existing weather stations to enhance their capabilities. The ideas presented here only represent but a few of the possible combinations. They should however permit you to get a good idea of how things fit together.

In this first option, both boards are populated with the EMP/rain gauge circuitry, with the inside board strapped to support the Aware Electronics RM60 background radiation monitor. Doing this will require securing additional parts to populate both boards. See the sections on the EMP sensor, rain gauge heater and aspirator control for implementation details.

Note that the weather station is connected to the PC. The station can be the T-238 (as it is shown in another example configuration elsewhere) or any other station supported by the WXN server.