1-Wire Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor Kit

Interface Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim 1-Wire®
Temperature Sensor Dallas Semiconductor/Maxim DS18S20
Range -67° F to +257° F
Accuracy ±0.5° C from -10° C to +85° C
Humidity Sensor Honeywell HIH-3610-001
Accuracy: ±2% RH, 0-100% RH non-condensing
Linearity: ±0.5% RH typical
Response Time: 15 sec in slowly moving air at 25° C
Stability: ±1% RH typical at 50% RH in 5 years
Power 1-Wire® bus or external 5VDC supplied by T-238 or X1W-1 sensor/interface board
Aspirator 12VDC Shicoh fan with ball-bearings
Other Mounting holes and power pads on PC board to support second temperature sensor for experimentation.