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1-Wire Outdoor Temperature/Humidity Sensor Kit

Refer to the layout diagram for clarification of parts placement. All references to up, down, left, and right assume that you are looking at the PCB with the silkscreen TAPR logo on the right-hand side of the board. Unless noted otherwise, all components are mounted on the top of the PC board. If possible, use a piece of anti-static foam to lay the board and components on during assembly.

  Inventory the parts if you have not already done so. Make sure you identify and account for each.
  If you are not using the Davis Passive Radiation Shield, now is a good time to use the PC board as a template for marking the mounting holes in your enclosure.
  Position the board as shown in the component layout with the TAPR logo positioned on the right. Note that the image as it appears in the browser is oriented with the logo at the top of the page. This was done to facilitate printing. You will find it easier and far more convenient if you print the layout and place it with the logo oriented to the right while assembling the kit. All parts are installed on the top side of the board.
  Check your soldering iron to be sure the tip is in good condition. The tip should be the small screwdriver tip type and must be clean. If you can't remember when you last replaced the tip, now would be a good time to do so. Surface mount devices are easy to solder if the tip is in good condition. If it isn't, be assured it won't be.
  Remove U3, the DS2438, from the anti-static carrier and install the chip per instructions on mounting a SMD (the next step).

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