Header and Connector Installation
1-Wire Outdoor Sensor/Interface Kit

Refer to the layout diagram for clarification of parts placement. All references to up, down, left, and right assume that you are looking at the PCB with the silkscreen TAPR logo at the lower right-hand side of the board. All components are mounted on the top of the PC board.


The male headers will be installed next. The plastic body of the part should rest flush with the top surface of the PC board. Note that the short end of the pins go into the PC board, the long ends stick up.

WARNING! Do not hold these parts with your fingers while soldering. The pins get very hot. Place one of the shunts on the header to insulate your finger from the pins, hold the header in place and tack solder one pin. Check for proper alignment. If alignment is off, you can reheat the pin to adjust. Once alignment is correct, solder the remaining pins and then reflow (reheat) the first pin soldered.

  Install the 3x2 (6-pin) DIP header at JMP1. Solder all six pins.
  Remove the shunt used during the soldering operation.
  Install the remaining 2-pin right-angle header at P1. Note that the pins face the outside edge of the board.
  Remove any shunts used during the soldering operation.


In the following, gently rock the RJ-11 connector until it snaps into place. Take your time and be careful that none of the pins are bent. Solder the leads only after you have checked that the socket is correctly seated and none of the pins are bent under.

  RJ11 female jack at J4
  RJ11 female jack at J6