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ARRL and TAPR 37th DCC 2018

Printed copies of the proceedings of the 37th DCC are available at lulu.com. 37th.gif

Alburquerque, NM

Steve Bible, N7HPR, Conference Manager

Local Hosts Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT

37th ARRL and TAPR Digital Communications Conference
September 14-16, 2018

Raspberry Pi 9600 Baud TNC (TNC-Pi9k)
by Mark Griffith, KD0QYN
Abstract: A new TNC has been developed by John Wiseman, G8BPQ, for the Raspberry Pi. Using the same form factor as the Pi and the existing TNC-Pi2, also developed by John, a new device was made that gives the Raspberry Pi and any packet applications that run on the Raspberry Pi operating systems, the capability to transfer data at new higher speeds, while still being affordable for most hams. This paper discusses the hardware and software issues of this new device as well as presenting detailed data on high speed (for amateur radio) data transfer tests.

Keywords: TNC, Raspberry Pi, 9600

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The H.A.R.C. Database and Visualization Utilities
by: Joshua D. Katz, KD2JAO and Dr. Nathaniel Frissell,W2NAF
Abstract: HamSCI.s goal is to construct a symbiotic relationship between the formal research community and the Amateur Radio community. To facilitate this transfer of knowledge HamSCI must pioneer technologies that allow scientists to easily obtain and understand Amateur Radio data. This task necessitates the creation of warehousing and visualization facilities that allow scientists to easily understand and make use of our data sets. We are currently testing a database and visualization toolkit designed to handle our existing 2 billion-record long QSO log. This data set represents a compiled version of data gathered by the Reverse Beacon Network, WSPRNet, and PSKReporter. Our goal is to build a robust, fast, and queryable front end to the massive, and currently underutilized, data sources created by Amateur Radio operators.

Keywords: Database, HamSCI, Contest Logs

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Development and Design of Firmware Programming Tools
by Dave Larsen, KV0S
Abstract: Over the past 10 years, the High Performance Software Designed Radio project has moved from the early attempt of producing an audio interface and a USB interface to a sophisticated single board single FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). In this process, the communication protocol and the software tools to manage that process have changed several times. Some of the reason things are organized in certain ways are an artifact of the history of the changes. This paper will chronical these changes and some of the resulting software that allow the loading and replacement of the firmware in the radio boards.

Keywords: FPGA, openHPSDR, firmware, software

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Ground Based DVB-S2 Repeater for GEO Satellites
by Wallace A. Ritchie WU1Y
Abstract: In 2018 Es.Hail-2, the first satellite to provide Amateur Radio Service from Geostationary Orbit will be launched from Florida. The satellite.s narrowband and wideband transponders will cover about 1/3 of the globe. Most two-way amateur to amateur communication will take place through the satellite.s narrowband linear transponder. This paper explores means to expoit the satellite.s wideband transponder to provide two-way digital voice communications with the aid of a DVB-S2 repeater located at a relatively large earth station on the ground. This mode could provide digital voice and data service between modestly equipped stations while paving the way for the digital satellite based repeaters that are planned for future AMSAT satellites. KW = DVB-S2. Repeater, Satellite

Keywords: DVB-S2. Repeater, Satellite

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Modulation . Demodulation Software Radio
by Alex Schwarz, VE7DXW
Abstract: Build your own local Space Weather Station with the Scanning RF-Seismograph V1.6 (Solar Eclipse ed.)

Keywords: RF-Seismograph, Background noise

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Developing a Solar Eclipse Simulation for Greater Good
by: Joshua S. Vega, WB2JSV, Dr. Nathaniel A. Frissell, W2NAF, Joshua D. Katz, KD2JAO and Dr. Joseph D. Huba
Abstract: This paper presents our methodology for simulating the upcoming total solar eclipse that will be taking place on August 21, 2017. By taking advantage of a high-performance distributed computing cluster as well as a number of third-party scientific computing libraries we were able to efficiently simulate a large number of HF amateur radio contacts before, during, and after the upcoming eclipse. The data generated from the simulations allows us to peek into how the amateur radio community and radio propagation as a whole will be affected in preparation for the actual eclipse. Keywords: eclipse, ionosphere, propagation, simulation

Keywords:eclipse, ionosphere, propagation, simulation

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Tracking Wildlife with Software Defined Radio in the VHF Band
by Dave Witten, KD0EAG
Abstract: Recent work in many fields involves use of technologies of interest to or popularized by radio amateurs. The low-cost, light weight, and low power demands of simple Software Defined Radios (SDRs) in particular have led to new capabilities in many fields. When combined with the processing power of small development boards such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino and the platform mobility provided by relatively affordable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) new areas of application appear. This paper discusses the recent testing of a system intended to assist the tracking of invasive carp species in the Mississippi river. It may also have potential for use in the 144 MHz band (or elsewhere) for .fox hunting., tracking sources of interference, and similar purposes. Keywords: Tracking, UAV, RTL-SDR

Keywords: Tracking, UAV, RTL-SDR

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Presenters Without Papers

All Your Modems Are Belong to Us
by Brady O'Brien, KC9TPA
Slide Presentation
Amateur Radio Education Testing and Training
by David Bern, W2LNX
Slide Presentation
A New Generation of Ham Radio
by Ward Silver, N0AX
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Fusion from the Inside
by Chris Petersen K9EQ
Slide Presentation
Noise in a Digital World
by Stephen Hicks, N5AC
Slide Presentation
Opening That Which Is Closed
by Bruce_Perens, K6BP
Slide Presentation
Some Thoughts on Spectrum Regulation Past Present and Future
by Tim Shepard, KD1KY
Slide Presentation
The HamSCI Solar Eclipse_2017 Wideband RF Project - or - How to Fill a Terabyte Disk
by John Ackermann, N8UR
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Using the Cloud to Manage Your Notebook
by Jon Poland, N0WL
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Lightning Presentations

Lightning 1 Autonomous Wave Powered Ocean Going HF Station
by Kurt Kiesow, KF6QNC
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Lightning 4 Emergency Data Exchange Network
by Brandon Wiley, KF5WVW
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Saturday Evening Banquet

Ham Radio the Best 1000 Hobbies You Can Undertake
by Tom McDermot, N5EG
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Video of the presentations at the 37th DCC will be available:

Check for availability at: HamRadioNow.tv.

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