Weminuche Wilderness

In the San Juan Mountains of Colorado September 1 - 5, 1997

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Trail Head (9-1-97)
Vallecito trail entrance at 10am.
37.28.498N 107.32.900W

Bill and Dorothy Jones.

Taylor Creek Bridge (bridge off photo to right).
37.30.629N 107.32.192W

Irving Peak to Right.
Just north of the Soda Spring on the trail.

Day 1 Camp. Just North of second bridge on the Vallecito trail.
37.32.470N 107.31.352W

Looking up Johnson Creek (9-2-97). Columbine Pass in the distance.

In Johnson Creek.

Looking down into Johnson Creek towards Vallecito trail. Just below Columbine Pass. Organ and Amherst Mountains in distance.

Just below Columbine Pass looking towards the pass. Hope mountain to Right and Aztec on the Left. (9-3-97)

Below Columbine Pass looking at the pass. The trail to the pass is pretty obvious. The lake is up on the right of the small ridge.

At Comlumbine Pass looking into the Chicago Basin

At Comlumbine Pass looking into Johnson Creek. Columbine lake to the left.

Back to camp. Mine in the middle of the shot with old equipment around.

Johnson Creek drainage. (9-4-97) On the way down.

Camp on Day 4. One more day back to the car. Johnson Creek and Vallecito trail bridge. This seems to be a popular place during the summer, with all the camp spots visible when hiking around. After labor day, there were two other parties camped in this pretty big space. Very nice!

Greg Jones, WD5IVD, wd5ivd@tapr.org (www)