Enchanted Rock Trip

Guided by Les Fowler and Joel, Aspire Adventures

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Joel belays Laura as she climbs up Harder than it Looks

We moved over to Boston.

Guides Joel and Les of Aspire Adventures

Lauri (sp?) relaxes while Les sets up the top rope on the route.

Clint makes the move over the flake on the first pitch of Boston.

Les Fowler

Laura belaying at the bottom of Boston

Laura begins the climb on Boston.

Later in the afternoon we climbed Dome Driver and then T.J. Swan. No photos of TJ, I ran out of flim :-(

Britanny (sp?) sitting on her blanket

Andrea, Roy, with Les getting ready to climb.

Les Fowler leads Dome Driver

Roy climbs

Andrea prepares to climb while Mark belays.

Andrea moving up the Dome Drive first pitch.

Andrea climbing up to the overhang on the dome drive route.

Harder Than It Looks (5.6+ R)
Located on the Backside of Main Dome.
Ascends the center of the sweeping ramp of Devil's Slide. The first pitch covers the face up to the first flake.

Boston (5.7 R)
Located on the Backside of Main Dome.
To the right of Harder Than it Looks. First pitch includes a nice climb over a notched overhang to finish the rest of the ramp to the first anchor.

Dome Driver (5.7 R)
Located on the Backside of Main Dome.
To the right of Boston. Another good first pitch. It includes a flake climb in the middle of the first pitch.

Greg Jones, WD5IVD, wd5ivd@tapr.org (www)