Greg Jones. WD5IVD

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A decade of change in amateur radio and TAPR

Read over my President Columns from 1993-1999 in the TAPR PSR.

I am very proud of my time at TAPR. I was able, with the help of so many, to take TAPR from the brink of going away into a strong, living organization that ten years later is still doing important research and education in amateur radio digital communications.

Four Directions 1998 Photos

Photos from the teacher and student technology training in 1998 at the Haskell Indian Nations University in Kansas. This was part of the Four Directions grant.

Climbing Photos

San Jauns in Colorado, September '97

NOLS Washington Mountaineering Course, Aug '98

Enchanted Rock 1/28/98
Photos from climbs on Dome Driver, Harder Than It Looks, and Boston.