Drop off until we reached High Camp Segment

Aug 20th, 1998. Course Starts
We crossed over a pole at one water crossing. I had already moved down stream and took this while the last of our party was crossing over. Baker can be seen in the background.

A stop along the trail on our first day. Look how clean everyone is :-)

Aug 21st, 1998. Morning
Chas Day calls the NOLS branch office to tell them that a pair of crampons was left in the van after it had dropped us off at the trail head. Nick had brought his cell phone along without anyone knowing. Turned out useful later in the trip, when we could not make it to our designated pickup area and arranged for another location.

Aug 21st, 1998.
Mike Clelland! packing up their tent after our first night.
We camped at a horse packing area past Mazama park, when we found no water on the trail at the first few camp areas.

Another photo of Chas on the phone. Andrew Obin is to the right.

Just over Baker Pass on our second day. Mt Baker in the background.

David Ward (DC Dave) and myself on Railroad grade. The group ended up high on Railroad grade and we bushwhacked back down the lateral moraine in order to cross below Easton Glacier. We crossed later that day at a bridge near the toe of the glacier. We were not going to make it to Craig View as planned and decided to head further up the mountain to camp on this night.

August 22nd
Mike Clelland! conducts a rope class.

Nick Nesta practices coiling a rope.

The tents of the rest of the group.

August 23rd
We moved from the last camp on up to Craig View. This is a photo along the way. From left to right: Cathy Holland, Monica Rimai, Greg Jones, Mike Clelland!, Sharie Kweit.

The four man tent group on Craig View. Greg Jones, Eric Semsak, Dave Wortman, and Nick Nesta around the cooking area.

Mt Baker

Cooking dinner.

Nick and Greg at the four man tent. While at Craig view we worked on self aresting skills, ice pro, glacier travel, and the first few steps with our crampons.

Looking up to the other tents in our group. We stayed on Craig View for several days while getting up to technical speed on required topics.

From this photo you can see just how open the glacier is.
On August 25th, a group of us travelled down the mountain for the resupply.