High Camp Segment

August 26th - 28th
We divided into rope teams and started up the Squak glacier. We moved over to Easton and started up to our high camp.

Later that day we reached the high camp and set up at around 8500'.

A look at the summit from high camp.

Sitting in the tent and looking to the West.

Sharie working on the tie downs to their tent.

I was fortunate enough during the trip to be able to camp outside almost every night. My flat spot at the high camp.

August 27th
We worked on rescue techniques and prusicking. Chas has set up a line into a nearby crevace and people are practicing prusicking up the rope after being lowered down. In this photo Monica is being lowered down while Chas is at the edge. Greg is lowering and belaying and DC dave sits to the side.

Dave, Chas, and Eric look down into the crevace as someone works the problem.

Dave Wortman prusicks out of the crevace.

David Ward climbs up the rope.

Eric Semsak prusicks out.

A sunset during our stay at high camp.