Travel from High Camp Down and Out

August 29th
We left the high camp and moved back down to our previous camp. We collected our stash and headed over the Squak glacier to our next camp. This photo is of us travelling to our next camp. No photos of the camp between the Squak and Taloma glaciers.

August 30th.
We moved across the Taloma glacier and onto the Boulder Glacier. Lot of work that day!

David cooking one of his award winning pancakes!

Groups coming back from ice climbing and other work on the Boulder. Mike/Chas tent on the ice.

The rest of us tented on the cleaver. Still great weather for camping out, but the wind did pick up over a few nights which made it loud for those in tents.

Another good sunset. The nights were great during the trip. One morning you could see five planets in the sky, which was a special moment.

Sept 2nd
We had hoped to cross over the Boulder glacier and then catch a known trail down to our changed pick up point. However, after several scouting parties, no easy way for the group to cross the Boulder was found. We proceeded down the clever and planned to cross below the toe of the glacier. This hike was just tons of fun ;-]

A picture of the terrain we were headed into below the glacier.

One of the things that had happened a few days before was a forest fire North of us. The smoke is easily seen in this photo. A fire plane landed on the lake below many times while we were climbing down. You can see the glacial river down in the valley.

Another photo of the fire and the route we were heading.

Later that day we made it to the medial moraine and decided to camp. We had easily crossed several small glacial streams, but the largest one was West of our camp. We planned on crossing it early the next morning at lowest flow.

Here is a photo of the girls on the last night.

The toe of the Boulder glacier.

Looking back up at the mountain. We came down the left side.

Another shot of the mountain.

Monica crosses over the stream while Chas watches on to help if necessary. The flow was greatly reduced that morning, which made crossing easier.

Looking a little haggard towards the end of the trip.

Last day out.

Trying to find the trail down.

Taking a break.

Heading down.

Will and DC Dave.

Meadow crossing. Getting closer to the trail head.

One last big tree to get over. Well, there were a few more after this one.